My Vision

It was easy to fall in love with "Belltrees". I had a vision of falling in love with Australia. I had a vision of becoming an expert in understanding the evolution of the plant and animal life in Australia. "Belltrees" itself contains the very best records that we enjoy near anywhere on this planet as regards the origin and evolution of the landscapes and their ecosystems.

This website is an essay on the splendours of living at "Belltrees" - an isolated property of 300 acres, nestled below the cliffs of the Great Escarpment. The rugged terrain has ultimately saved the splendid wet tall eucalypt forests and their hidden pockets of diverse rainforest, which harbours 50% of Australia’s biodiversity.

I have lived here since 1983 and have successfully rehabilitated extensive areas of depauperate rainforest by removing exotic vines especially lantana and freeing trees of excessive vine cover. Eight kilometres of bridal trails, formed from the logging routes, allow easy access to those areas of greatest biodiversity and scenic interest.


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